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All of Riverside California
Riverside , CA

Call Hixson Backhoe Service of Riverside CA at  (951) 677-6212!

Backhoes in Riverside CA:
Backhoe with Extension (18' Depth) $130.00 Per Hour
446 Backhoe with Extension (21' Depth) $145.00 Per Hour
Backhoe and Dump Combo $175.00 Per Hour

Compactors in Riverside CA:
Backhoe with Stanley MB550 $160.00 Per Hour
Backhoe with UC-10 Mighty Pac $160.00 Per Hour
Backhoe with Stanley HS6000 $160.00 Per Hour
12" and 18" Compaction Wheels $160.00 Per Hour
446 Wheel Comp $160.00 Per Hour

Breakers in Riverside CA:
Backhoe with 1200 lb. Breaker $185.00 Per Hour
446 Backhoe with 1800 lb. Breaker $215.00 Per Hour
Auger: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", and 48" $165.00 Per Hour
10 ft. Depth - Extensions Available 

Skip Loaders in Riverside CA:
Skiploader $130.00 Per Hour
Skip and Dump Combo $175.00 Per Hour

Other Equipment and Special V-Buckets Available

Call For Rates!

  • Four Hour Minimum On All Equipment
  • Move / Travel Time - $300 Minimum Charge
  • Operator's Wages Paid According to Current Union Contract
  • Insurance Certificates Furnished on Request